A meditation on the body’s memory

The body is a sacred threshold… the body never lies. Take the time to listen to the truth of your body. The body has intelligence.

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A little meditation exercise

To prepare for this meditative exercise, it would be best to lie comfortably. My favourite way is to lie on floor (or bed), with a pillow under the knees and a small pillow under your head.  The reason for the pillows under the knees flattens the spine allowing a good flow through the spinal column and improves the energy flow of the body. More information about this can be found in my Craniosacral web site (which will very soon be available and a link will be set up…stay tuned).

imagine your most amazing achievement… or an achievement which was good for you.

The memory of the body

take the thoughts of that event through your body… tune in – watch – see – hear your body’s response to that memory. Where does it reside, maybe heart, chest, belly, vision, ears or sometimes a collection of places.

Feel and identify the body response to that memory… is that emotion/feeling…joy, courage, bliss, anticipation or a rush of all sorts of emotions.

Not clear as one response… do you feel relief, safety?

If you cannot identify ‘it’ with words, can you just allow whatever comes for you in what ever part of the body…feel the memory and allow your physical body to sink into the floor/surface you are lying or sitting on…

As you sink – a beautiful light ( colour as you see or the first that comes into your mind) descends onto and into you… allow this to mingle with your body’s memory and drift with whatever  imagery you have…

You may like to put on some gentle soft music for this exercise.

What music would you play? Why not tell us in the comments?

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